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Hand in Hand with Tongji University to Create the Brilliance

On 6th September, 2013, Shanghai Huate Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. and Tongji University signed the Production, Scholarship and Research Cooperation Agreement and also the unveiling ceremony of “Cooperation Base for Talent Cultivation, Production, Scholarship and Research” was held. According to the Agreement, both sides shall strengthen the cooperation in respect of scientific research, talent cultivation, the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In the 10 years to come, Huate would set up Huate scholarship in Tongji University to support researchers in the University to engage in the research in auto NVH system.

In addition, both sides would have cooperation in projects to push up the development jointly in the field of car noise reduction and realize the complementary advantages of each other. Zhou Zuyi, the Party Committee Secretary, Jiang Changjun, the Vice President and Yu Zhuoping, the assistant for the President of the Tongji University, Zhang Liping, the Party Committee of Anting Town, Jiading District attended the ceremony. Representatives from Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM and the relevant persons in charge also attended the ceremony.

As a private enterprise manufacturing the automotive parts and engaging in the automotive parts research and development, design and production, over the years upholding the principle of “to be the first” spirit, along with the marketing development, Shanghai Huate Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. has been committed itself to research, development and innovation and made a great amount of capital in the establishment of NVH noise reduction Laboratory to strive to make the company bigger and the products finer and to make remarkable progress in terms of scales and efficiency. As Tongji University possess research and talent advantage in respect of car, acoustics, material, etc. therefore the cooperation of two sides is a farsighted move and a combination of theory with practice, which surely will promote the rapid development of the automobile industry in China.

Zhou Zuyi, the Party Secretary of Tongji University, said in his speech at the unveiling ceremony that to strengthen the cooperation of the two sides at present would have all advantages in a situation and hope that two sides could share resources together, have complementary advantage to make practical improvement and make greater contributions for the local economic development while improving and enhancing their own strength construction.

After the ceremony the participants visited our company’s NVH noise reduction Laboratory, which was built according to the international standard by Faist from Germany, and the instruments and equipment for the laboratory were mainly imported from BK in Demank. Huate is committed to build a first-class NVH laboratory to meet the requirements of various NVH parts for cars.

The hand-in-hand cooperation between Shanghai Huate Automotive Parts Co., Ltd. and Tongji University will certainly promote the Huate’s potential to develop and bring the new development opportunities, and at the same time, will surely bring development for related disciplines and study for Tongji University to achieve the win-win situation and complementary advantages and to create new brilliance jointly.